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Ontobeest: Extraction and Display of Ontology Statistics

Ontobeest is an Ontobee-based statistics extraction and display tool. Ontobeest extracts statistical information from one or more ontologies from Ontobee and displays the results using a simple but comprehensive table format in the web site. The Ontobeest cover page provides the statistics of all the ontologies listed in Ontobee. Once you click on any specific ontology, you can obtain detailed information about the statistics on the specific ontology. In addition, you can access the same statistics page for an ontology by clicking "Detailed Statistics" from the cover page of the specific ontology in Ontobee. See the tutorial of Ontobeest in HERE.

Click Ontology Prefix to see detail statistics.

Index Ontology PrefixClassObjectPropertyDatatypePropertyAnnotationPropertyInstanceTotal
1 AEO250110150276
2 BCGO2,270100665462,487
3 BFO350020055
4 CHEBI122,05790280122,094
5 CL6,5337404036,650
6 CLO40,8363811072341,005
7 DOID11,78215034011,831
8 ECO84020320874
9 EFO20,412360223020,671
10 EPO20840190231
11 FMA104,43414030422104,648
12 GENEPIO2,900422667243,734
13 GO47,9699057048,035
14 HP30,55872072030,702
15 ICO3753434615473
16 LOINC192,376977312192,372384,930
17 miRNAO67613050694
18 MP30,46874054030,596
19 NCRO9,33128141189,419
20 OAE5,606120311045,843
21 OBI3,055997611773,399
22 OGG69,68881044069,813
23 OGMS124005218194
24 PATO2,6032303502,661
25 PR304,290150370304,342
26 PSI-MOD2,001403302,038
27 PSI-MS5,5392802505,592
28 PW2,641102402,666
29 RO764970895667
30 SO2,3775003802,465
31 UBERON19,5141790223019,916
32 VO6,226130680996,541
Total -1,048,0502,0251321,829193,5061,245,542

Note: This version of statistics metrics does not include any instance data yet. This feature will be added in the future.